Heating & Cooling

BC Contracting provides Heating and Air Conditioning sales, service and Installation.   We service most brands of equipment.  Whether your HVAC system is gas, oil, electric or steam, BC Contracting will be there to service your needs. Providing reliable service on your furnace, air conditioning, boilers, heat pumps, roof top units, radiant heat (in-floor & base board), geothermal,  pool heaters, coils and air handlers. Our custom sheet metal service includes duct work, kitchen hoods, metal brackets and general welding services.

BC Contracting provides Indoor Air Quality Solutions for your whole house, making your home comfortable with humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, zoned temperature control, thermostats, UV lighting, HEPA filters, exhaust fans and energy-recovery ventilation systems.

These whole-house solutions will improve your indoor air quality, comfort, health (Asthma, Mold, Allergies, Dust Mites colds/flus), energy savings, & protection/preservation.